colors and thread
unraveled from the weave
I heard steps
leading away from me
I stood alone
among everything ravaged and bare
once the tree
was in bloom
once the branches glimmered
I prayed
to the seeds inside me
I prayed the tree would bloom again

I saw the future
a face that had run dry
a doomed river everyone drank from
I saw all humankind stare
I saw men and women
caress the executioner inside them
I saw that we had lost this planet

once the tree
was in bloom
once the presence of
a hungry winter night was strong enough
for you to
put out pieces of bread
along your windowsill
once you were alive
and carried a name
once you nursed the seeds inside you
the seeds of a tree
and moon leaves fell
star leaves drifted down in your body


Bruno K. Öijer: "Once the Tree Was in Bloom" from The Lost Word, 1995
Translation: Bruno K. Öijer


The Trilogy

har kommit ut på Action Books i USA, mars 2020:

Medan Giftet Verkar (While the Poison Acts, 1990)

Det Förlorade Ordet (The Lost Word, 1995)

Dimman Av Allt (The Fog of Everything, 2001)


we were born
with an immense longing
through the window
of a rushing train
at night
you catch a glimpse
of the celestial handwriting
impossible to read
in the winding weave
of glittering ink
lies the answer
to our lives


Excerpt from The Fog of Everything, 2001

Translation: Bruno K. Öijer



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